Unlock new terrain with this progressive new gravel bike featuring front suspension technology. The lightweight aluminum frame has suspension-optimized geometry and a flip chip that lets you adjust wheelbase and tire clearance for any adventure.

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Smooth control

Lightweight aluminum frameset is designed specifically for front suspension. With 40mm of travel, the fork absorbs impacts so you can ride smoother and faster over rugged gravel and dirt.

Tuned compliance

Lowered seatstays with smaller diameter tubes absorb road shocks and vibrations. A Contact SL XR D-Fuse handlebar adds more compliance without sacrificing the stiffness needed for cornering, sprinting or climbing.

Adaptable to the terrain

A flip chip on the rear dropout adjusts the wheelbase: short for quicker handling, or long for improved stability at speed. The long setting also allows for larger diameter tires up to 53mm. You can use the included dropper/suspension seatpost for added capabilities, or switch to a proprietary D-Fuse seatpost or traditional 30.9mm round seatpost.



An ALUXX aluminum frameset with suspension-optimized geometry is paired with a purpose-built short-travel (40mm) fork. A flip chip on the rear dropouts allows you to adjust the wheelbase and increase tire clearance up to 53mm.You can use the included dropper seatpost, switch to a proprietary D-Fuse seatpost, or use a traditional 30.9mm round seatpost. A Contact SL D-Fuse handlebar minimizes fatigue by further absorbing shocks and vibrations.

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